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What I Do

I am a storyteller and filmmaker who specializes in creating engaging, quality media on cost effective budgets. My work has shown in festivals across the U.S. and internationally. I approach storytelling from a place of discovery...bringing distinct perspective, voice and visuals to projects that entertain and provoke discussion.

How I Do It

I aim to create a singular style for each project, highlighting the aesthetics and tone that make that particular story world interesting. Because I am experienced with the key creative roles in filmmaking – writing, producing, directing and editing – I bring an independent and holistic approach to filmmaking. When projects need to be scaled up, I draw from a roster of co-producers, cinematographers, production designers and other collaborators. I believe in cultivating diverse and inclusive productions with leadership that encourages everyone to contribute their best.

My unique insights and humor allow me to explore challenging subjects in a way that makes them accessible and engaging. And I'm often told I have a knack for finding the perfect music to complement the visuals.

How Can I Help You?

My work speaks to clients who want to break past traditional messaging and engage with audiences in new and imaginative ways. Are you looking to create a promotional video with a progressive edge? Do you want to develop a web series to generate buzz about your product? Do you have a difficult topic that requires a new approach? I will help you create the unique videos you want on the timeline and budget you have.

I can be reached via the contact page.


Skills & Specialties


Concept development, messaging, story structure, hooks, characterization, dialogue


Project management, team building, resourcing, budgeting, scheduling


Creative vision, collaborative leadership, clear communications

Motion GFX

Title sequences, lower thirds, basic visual effects


Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, Compressor


Music sourcing, basic sound mixing



" Humor is the affectionate communication of insight "


Client Quotes

  • Andy delivered in spades! The camera work, directing and editing are impeccable, and the vision of each video definitely came through. I trusted him and it paid off.

    Demetri Moshoyannis, Executive Director at Folsom Street Events
  • Andy knows how to tell a story – all the key moments are seamlessly cut together with good transitions, pace and arc. Music tracks, titles and graphics are thought out and executed nicely.

    Daniel Figueroa, Senior Editor at Venables Bell & Partners
  • Andy was instrumental in our success – an excellent editor with remarkable ingenuity and instinct! His charm and undeniable skills are superb. Adamantly recommended.

    Marco Castro-Bojorquez, Producer & Director of 'El Canto del Colibri'
  • Surpassed all my expectations! Andy took challenging footage and made it look absolutely terrific. Working with him remotely was seamless and his turnaround time was fast.

    Daniel Moxley, Executive Director at Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona

Project Spotlight

(NSFW Warning: Though lightly edited for content, this video still may not be suitable for work environments)


Folsom Street Events wanted to create two original, narrative videos to promote the 2016 Folsom Street Fair and its official dance party ("Magnitude").


1. Write two short stories that celebrate the spirit of "adult" events but can also reach the general public
2. Produce two completely separate, high quality videos in three months on a micro-budget


I brainstormed several concepts for the client based on their messaging goals. For the main Folsom Street Fair promo (shown above), they picked my "vintage sitcom" idea. And for the Magnitude dance party promo, they went with my idea about the crazy things we might think about when anticipating a big night out. The client was very excited about the finished scripts, so I began assembling my production team. Producing, casting and filming two shorts back to back is a huge challenge in and of itself. Doing so on a micro-budget in a matter of weeks requires quick thinking, creative solutions and a lot of favors. So with my producing partner, we quickly put together a game plan for budgeting, scheduling, crewing, casting, production design and filming.

Completing production and post-production on two separate shorts took everything we had: 18 hour work days, sleepless nights, tag-team collaboration, and constant revisions to our approach as we faced one hurdle after another (including last minute location changes, actors dropping out, a huge switch in the art direction, etc). But positive attitude and perseverance go a very long way. Filming was an exercise in controlled chaos, and editing was a particular challenge because we hadn't been able to get all the shots in our ambitious agenda. However, with unwavering dedication and a supportive crew, I was able to pull together two stylized and quirky ensemble pieces that fulfilled the intentions of the scripts and the client goals – all on a tight-budget.


The client absolutely loved the finished videos, each of which received well over 10,000 views on their Vimeo page within days of launch. Feedback on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as "Tears pouring out of my eyes from laughter," "Knocked it out of the park!" and "Absolutely stunning."

My Roles: Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Visual Effects

Software: FCPX, Photoshop, lllustrator

" The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning "


Behind every story is another story: how it got made.
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" Film is the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it. "

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