Same Time, Next Year

A young man drifts through memories and city streets as he recalls a former flame. This is the opening sequence for the work-in-progress short film.

Starring:  Jacen Zhu

Written, Produced, Directed, Shot, and Edited – Andy Bydalek

Filmed in July 2019.

Same Time, Next Year was a spontaneous project that came about when performer Jacen Zhu happened to be visiting San Francisco and I had the afternoon free. It was written and filmed in less than four hours with no rehearsals and on-the-fly locations.

This opening sequence hit a chord with sneak preview audiences. Comments included:

  • "Bravo! I really enjoyed how it was shot and the reflective moments. Jacen had me completely engaged. He was so natural."
  • "Stupendous intro, look forward to seeing the entire short story. Jacen performed wonderfully, and your story and videography was superb, bravo!"
  • "Awesomeness all the way around! Can’t believe you created this project so spur of the moment and you guys did so much!! 
  • "Excellent job. I too was engaged the entire time. Nicely done!"
  • "This is awesome. So moody. And if anyone doubted Jacen Zhu is the sexiest guy ever they need to watch this"
  • "WOW!!! That is VERY good. Engaging, natural and a wonderful tease!!! 
  • "Beautiful 🌹 congratulations 👏 👏 👏 really adorable work "
  • "Great great great. Everyone already stole my compliments. Mood and execution are perfect, soft and engaging and romantic. Fantastic work. Keep it up please both of you."