El Canto del Colibri (Trailer)

Trailer created for director Marco Castro-Bojorquez' 2015 documentary film about Latino immigrant fathers and their relationships with their LGBTQ children.

Directed by:  Marco Castro-Bojorquez

Trailer Written and Edited – Andy Bydalek

Completed December 2015 

Documentary Film Link

The feature film is quite moving, so it was my goal to create a touching trailer that hints at the challenges and stories without giving it all away. 

I don't speak Spanish, so I had to work off subtitles. That added an extra challenge in honoring the source material while making it easily understood by English speaking audiences. Luckily, Marco is fantastic collaborator and could help me with any thematic questions or story guidance.

Marco was thrilled with the results, and ultimately he was honored with a "Champions of Change" award from the White House for his many contributions to LGBTQ causes.