The 911 Salon (Clip)

A Fellini-esque comedy about a distressed damsel who enlists an underground makeover team because she's worried about her appearance before a blind date...only to find the makeover just might be worse! Shot in glorious black-and-white 16mm film with authentically bad, overdubbed dialog and a zany soundtrack to boot. A short clip can be seen below:

Starring:  Princess Kennedy (aka The Amazing Kennedy) and Eliane Munier

Produced & Directed – Cristina Gomez-Ferrer

Written, Produced, Shot, Edited – Andy Bydalek

Completed 2001

Production Notes:

This was the first of a few collaborations with fellow filmmaker and artist Cristina Gomez-Ferrer – and the first time either of us had used a 16mm camera. I remember crouching behind some cars across the street so the actors wouldn't see us trying to figure out how to load the film. We were never sure if we did it properly, but we charged ahead anyway hoping for the best. Ah, the days of student films!

Kennedy was the consummate professional, sitting patiently after preparing her wig and wardrobe, while we tried to get our act together. 

Our fun and silly short enjoyed a good festival run including Frameline (San Francisco LGBTQ International Film Festival), ATA's "DJs Trannies and Films, Oh MY!" festival and the Transgender Film Festival.