Haunted (Trailer)

Set entirely to music, Haunted is an elegant, visually striking short film about one woman’s journey from loss and self-loathing to redemption and joy. San Francisco drag legend Suppository Spelling gives a beautiful performance amidst classic haunted-house motifs: thunder and lightning, spooky buildings, “living” photographs, vengeful spirits, and ghostly apparitions.

Starring:  Suppositori Spelling (Jarrad Webster) 

Written, Produced, Directed, Shot, and Edited – Andy Bydalek.

Production Assistants – Alex May and Yanko Guerrero.

Trivia: this stylish video was shot in seven locations over 3 days and produced for less than $200.

Screened at festivals including the Russian River Massacre and the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival.

Because of a change in copyright status, the only version available at this time is the trailer – shown here – and a full version that features different music (it messes up the lip sync but it's still cool hehe).